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Thank you so much for visiting my website. If you appreciate a world of romance, humor, and quirky characters, you've come to the right place. I write romantic mystery and suspense stories... with a little spice and lots of heart.  Read, relax, enjoy, and add a little mystery to your life!

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Latest Books

Angry Girl Crime Stories

She was the pretty one. She was the one who was taken. After her sister is abducted from a college bar and the police won't investigate, a woman takes matters into her own hands, teaming up with a drug dealer to find her, and unearthing an enormous conspiracy regarding a Senator and his son in the process.


Seven Brothers Security Team

Her dream vacation becomes a nightmare when her roommate goes missing. A college student convinces her overprotective father, who is a personal security specialist, to allow her to go on Spring Break, only to have her roommate go missing on the first day of their tropical island vacation.

Angry Girl Crime Stories

She’s not a police detective, but she played one on TV. An actress who played a police detective in a long-running television series gets her chance at a real-life investigation when her estranged sister’s death is ruled a suicide and she believes her sister was murdered.

Izzy & Max

There's a fine line between sexy alpha & creepy stalker...and Rye has crossed it. When a paranormal skeptic's suicide is thwarted by an otherworldly entity that she inadvertently conjured, she reluctantly teams up with a charming ghost hunter to eliminate the entity when he turns into a frightening stalker.

Book Series at a Glance

Angry Girl Crime Stories

In a Florida Gulf Coast town where the cops are more dangerous than the criminals, the Donovans, a family of drug dealers and hitmen, rule the city’s seedy underworld. In each dark romantic crime novel, one of the sexy Donovan bad boys gets involved with an angry girl, who has been wronged by the law and is seeking revenge. Neo-noir pulp fiction at its finest.

Seven Brothers Security Team

Welcome to Annadale, Arizona. The Beverly Hills of the Southwest. A desert getaway for the rich and famous. Home to the Seven Brothers Security Team. Seven hot brothers in seven spicy and action-packed romantic suspense stories. When you find yourself in danger, these bad boy bodyguards provide the up-close-and-personal protection you can trust.

Izzy & Max

Izzy Grant is the town misfit.  She doesn’t believe in the paranormal until a supernatural entity starts stalking her. Max Elliot looks like a surfer in search of the next wave, even though rural Old Town is nowhere near the ocean. Sparks fly as the unlikely pair team up to investigate a series of humorous paranormal mysteries throughout northern New Jersey.

Jersey Legends

Addie Sloane is the co-host of the new paranormal reality series, Jersey Legends. Addie must investigate the stories behind unusual local legends with the popular urban explorer, Cayce Hunter. In each humorous Jersey Legend episode, Addie and Cayce investigate the unsolved mysteries connected to a famous New Jersey urban legend.

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