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Karen Mueller Bryson is an author, playwright, screenwriter, educator and hopeless romantic.  Born in New Jersey, far from an exit anyone would recognize, Karen was raised in a home where her imagination was allowed to run wild.  This upbringing provided her the most incredible incubator to become a prolific writer, creating stories where characters find redemption through all-consuming, but inspiring love.  Karen's has eared awards as:


Karen is a USA Today Best Selling author.  Her awards include:

  • RONE Award for Excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry
  • Winner of the RWA Lone Star Writing Contest
  • Top 10 in the Tracking Board's Launch Pad Manuscript Competition
  • B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Playwright & Screenwriter

Karen is an award-winning/optioned screenwriter. Her script, The Mustard Seeds, was recently acquired by Believe Entertainment. She was a recipient of the prestigious Writers Bootcamp Fellowship and is a graduate of the Screenwriting U ProSeries and Master Screenwriter Certificate program.  Her screenwriting awards include:

  • Winner in the Family category of the Exposura Screenplay Contest
  • Finalist in the Scriptoid Writers Challenge
  • Finalist in the Screenplay Search Screenwriting Competition
  • Semi-Finalst in te Page International Screenwriting Contest
  • Quarterfinalist in the StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest
  • Quarterfinalist in the Page International Screenwriting Contest
  • Top 24 in the Phoenix Film Festival Screenplay Competition
  • Top 50 in the Kairos Prize Screenwriting Competition for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays

Karen is also an award-winning playwright.  Her stage plays include But Does He Know Botticelli, Thazel Hoffstetter Lives Here and When Fat Chicks Rule the World.  Karen’s plays have been produced across the United States, including a production in New York City. 

Recent Books

Awkward screenwriter Nellie Berg is great with words, as long as she can write them down. She's written over thirty action scripts, but has been unable to sell a single one to Hollywood.

Maddie Malone is the nanny who made national headlines. She’s the temptress who broke up the marriage of two of Hollywood’s most beloved movie stars. She’s the girl everyone in America loves to hate.

Chris Rhodes is a struggling actor on the verge of breaking into the business. Abby Sullivan works at her aunt and uncle’s nursery. When Chris sees Abby watering plants in the front of the store it’s love at first sight.

When a police recruit reports for duty he discovers his wild one-night stand from the previous weekend is his new field training officer.