the club series

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How far would you go to be with the woman you love? Would you kill your father to be with his mistress? What if it was the only way to save her life? Foster Brady has finally met the woman of his dreams. The only problem is that Journey Rivera is his father Mick’s young mistress. As things heat up between Foster and Journey, Mick begins to become suspicious that Journey is having an affair. Mick threatens to kill anyone who sleeps with Journey, and he tells Journey he’ll kill her too if he ever finds out she’s cheating on him.
Foster has no reason to doubt his father’s word. He’s always suspected that his mother never really killed herself, and that his father was responsible for her death. But who would ever suspect a cop of foul play?

Cecilia Moreaux’s job isn’t exactly legal.  She works for her aunt, Claudia, who owns The Club. They facilitate arrangements for wealthy men who want all of the benefits of having a mistress without any of the hassles of an actual relationship. When Cecilia becomes pregnant and the much older baby daddy wants nothing to do with their child, she doesn’t know what to do. She devises a plan to seduce her nerdy next door neighbor with the intention of making him believe the baby is his. What Cecilia doesn’t know is that her neighbor is harboring a secret that could cost both her and Claudia their freedom.

Rose Collins is a recent art school graduate with overwhelming student loan debt and no way to pay it. Jae Rothko is a wealthy and renowned artist who doesn't have the time or patience for a relationship. Jae joins The Club so he can have one woman when he wants and how he wants with no attachments and no expectations. He selects Rose to be that woman.

I quit my dead end job in retail and made an arrangement through The Club. I'll get what I to pay my rent. And he'll get what he wants...access to my body...whenever and however he wants it...  There's only one catch. Harlan "Mad Dog" Murphy wants an exclusive arrangement and I want to sleep with my roommate, Joey "Rocky" Rocco... the guy I've been in love with forever...the guy who is still in love with my best friend.

Mary Pine never imagined she’d be starting her fifth year as a faculty member in the Medieval Studies department as a thirty-two-year-old widow. Her husband left her completely broke before he killed himself. So she makes an arrangement through The Club. She’ll get what she to get out financial ruin, and Dante McNally will get what he wants...access to her body...whenever and however he wants it...There's only one catch. Dante is one of her new graduate students this is the year she’s supposed to be applying for tenure.


When world renowned artist Felicity D accepts a guest lectureship at a prestigious art school in Chicago she hopes it will be an opportunity to resume a relationship with Jae Rothko, the only man she's ever truly loved.

Felicity quickly discovers that Jae is madly in love with someone else, but he suggests that Felicity become a member of The Club, an exclusive dating service for the wealthy and famous.


After being dumped by her boyfriend of six years, Lyric Johnson has no way to pay her bills. She's been trying to find a job for months, but no one seems interested in hiring a recent graduate of a creative writing program. When Lyric's neighbor tells her about THE CLUB, selling her body seems to be her only option.